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INFRA Mock-up Logos by Jimmy-le-sniper
INFRA Mock-up Logos
Hello everyone !

Just a quick thing to prove that I'm still alive. I've been in touch recently with Loiste Interactive, the studio behind the game INFRA. I did some fan logo for fake companies that might appear in-game and I thought I'd share them here. The first three logos are based on real-life companies. I wonder if anyone can find the originals ^^

On a completely different note, I have also written a small Five Nights at Freddy's fanfiction featuring Mangle, everyone's favorite IKEA fox. I had the privilege to have it featured on DeltaV's Fanfiction account. He is an amazing writer and I highly recommend you go check out his stories here :…

You will find my piece under the fifth chapter of the series "Just Another Night at Freddy's : Night Seven" :…

I was also involved to some extend with the chapters 3 and 4 of the same series. ^^

Anyway, until next time, folks !
Bonnie - Happy Birthday by Jimmy-le-sniper
Bonnie - Happy Birthday
*phone ring*
*phone ring*
*phone ring*

H-Hello ! Helloooooo ! Hey, would you look at that, I'm not dead ! Hello everyone ! It's been a long time. How have you been ? I wish I could say that I've been really busy being dead, but unfortunately, I can't. I've been sitting on my butt doing sweet nothing, art-wise. Until a week ago, that is.

I wanted to do an original birthday gift (I'll give you three guesses who it is for xD) and that's what I came up with.

I extracted the Bonnie model from the Source Film Maker workshop, posed it in 3ds max, placed an order on Sculpteo and this is the result ! Pretty neat, huh ? I had to scale up some joints for solidity reasons but nothing too weird looking.

The figurine is 11cm tall and cost 62-something €uros, shipping included from France to France. They also have facilities in the US apparently. Delivered like a Snickers : packed with peanuts...of the packing kind, and most importantly, without a scratch.

Really happy with how that turned out. The printing resolution is amazing. I never would have guessed the text would be legible at all for such a small object.

Sorry the photos are so blurry but my camera likes to remind me it's not meant to take up-close subjects.

Aaand that's all folks. See you in a few weeks/months/years/whenever I have something relevant-ish to post. Just be advised that I'm not dead yet ^^
Hey everyone ! It's been quite a while hasn't it ? Well I'm still alive and lurking around. I haven't uploaded a thing here in ages but that's because I didn't have much inspiration lately and I've also been learning new 3D stuff (a bit of 3ds Max, a bit of ZBrush, a bit of Realflow...interesting stuff !)

Oh, and I just made this thing...

There's a teeny tiny Easter Egg in it. First one to spot it wins one free internet !

It's not much, it's short, it's all bits borrowed here and there but heh, what can you do ? I've been hooked on Five Nights at Freddy's fanart, fan music, fanfic, fan-everything as of late (and YES I've never played the games nor do I plan to do so :P) and there's this really cool artist named Rebornica who created some really interesting alternative universes, funny characters and more.

Go check it out !

Rebornica's stuff :

Here on dA :
Over there on Tumblr (on hiatus as of November 28th 2014) :
Some more over there :…

And if you need to get your FnaF fix of stuff to read, go check out DeltaV. His ongoing stories are worth your time.

Here on dA (not the most up-to-date):
Over there on (most up-to-date) :…

Until I can think of something interesting to post here, see you next time everybody ! ^^


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